I interpreted the formula '1x1x1' to represent wins and losses in battle; my intention was to prove that there are really no winners in any war. Hence, I created an installation that was 'self destructive' in the end! Using acrylic placards, each the size of playing cards (also a source of recreation for soldiers during warfare), I laser-cut imagery defining various battles throughout history. I then positioned these acrylic sheets onto an elongated wooden stand by alternating the images in the order of battles won and lost.

The final component of the installation was the placement of sparklers alongside the upright acrylic etchings. The sparklers set off the dominos effect of illuminating each other one by one by one. The flames roses wildly and unpredictably, as in wars, without sparing any of the acrylic frames.

Kindly watch with sound for full dramatic effect.


Photo Montage, Laser Cutting & Rasterizing, Advocative Installation Design



Individual Project