Cross, Atomic, Cavity

synthesized the three diverse and unrelated words -- cross, atomic and cavity --   to create a 3D printed form that harmoniously depicted them as one fused article. 


Atomic is an explosive form, that takes its overall silhouetted shape from an atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud effect. The two circular portions, on either side of the structure, symbolize two atom like shapes. A sense of catastrophic movement may be inferred from the form.


Cavity is displayed through two different techniques. The first is through the vast empty space within each atom like structure - almost as if the exterior is orbitally sucking all matter into its empty cavity like core, similar to that of a black hole. The second is via the empty crevice-like cavity form that appears between the two parts of the structure. 


Cross may be interpreted as a very literal word. Therefore, I chose to execute this word in a rather discrete way. I created a metaphorical bridge branching between the atomic like spheres through the use of negative space. The gaping mirrored holes suggest a path that extends across from one side of the construction to the other, creating a virtual link between them.  

Kindly watch with sound for full dramatic effect.


CAD Rendering, Keyshot Animation, Video Editing, 3D Printing (PLA plastic)



Individual Project