Apriori Forms

cheese v2.jpg
glue v2.jpg

Glue: The main body of the 3D print relates to the dynamic, organic and unplanned texture that glue makes under a microscope. I found this texture very appealing, and sought to recreate it, due to its qualities involving movement. Additionally, the color of the PLA filament used for the 3D print represented the same type of bone coloration evident in the glue - creating a more natural aesthetic.


Bamboo: The structure of this material was as vastly different from the glue as possible. Instead, it was rather rigid, stringy, and latched onto different surfaces. I found that this would be complex to achieve using FDM techniques, and therefore chose to manually create the anatomical makeup of the strands of bamboo using copper wire. This complimented the glue like texture, as well as accentuated the negative space within the organic shape.


Moldy Cheese: I selected this material mainly because of its characteristics, rather than its unappealing aesthetic (and smell). Mold has a tendency to "latch onto and envelope items". The only specification of this project was that it had to fill an area measuring  10cm x 10cm. However, I decided to have the form fill the exterior of the desired area (creating an empty space) as if to mimic the idea of mold.

The concept behind this 3D printed design, was to investigate further into the dynamic and hidden forms that can be found within nature. Considering both the physical as well as symbolic characteristics of three varied ingredients - glue, bamboo and moldy cheese - I explored what defined each material, before fusing them into a culminated form. I examined these substances under a microscope to see their anatomical structure.


CAD Rendering, 3D Printing (PLA plastic)



Individual Project