Concept Fashion Video

"The inspiration of this piece was taken from the designer’s own frustration of having to avoid people who use their phone while walking. Instead of creating a piece reflecting only his frustration, the designer also created it to solve the issues experienced by these people. Hence by approaching this controversial issue through an optimistic mindset, a satirical framework is provided for viewers to reflect upon the use of their own smartphones.

In order to convey this satire, several references from popular media and movements are present within the piece. The adoption of a grey colour scheme takes inspiration from the use of concrete by Brutalist architects, reflecting conformity and rigidity. The full body covering design, buckles, choker and leather were taken from BDSM culture, which plays with the idea of dominance and submission.


On the flip side, the optimism is present in the attempt to reduce the risk of collision with obstacles. This is achieved through the leg straps which restricts each stride, hence increasing the time for them to react to incoming obstacles. The LED lights act as an indicator to the direction of the closest obstacle, allowing the user to know which direction to avoid.


Through an amalgamation of all these elements, the garment becomes a commentary piece on society’s usage of smartphones, questioning whether we control our smartphones, or they control us."

- Jason Chi Seng Fok, Fashion Designer

Kindly watch with sound for full dramatic effect.


Video Shooting, Video Editing, Lighting Design



A videography project for designer; Jason Chi Seng Fok