'Framework' Bus Stop

Nanyang Technological University's 'Academic Building South' (ABS) will be the largest timber building in the world, upon completion. The 'Framework' bus stop is a Merit Award winning submission that is quintessentially classic in its simplicity and relates to the basic form of the ABS.

Aesthetic. Intuitive. Minimalist. These three words describe the essence of Framework. The clean slabs of glass and the strategic placement of the wooden pillars create a floating effect that sets apart this design from being an ordinary everyday bus stop to one that challenges everyday norms. The bus stop is as useful as it is beautiful and will provide shelter as well as a comfortable space for commuters awaiting the bus.


The roof displays a glass top and an inset which, while following the structural arc of the ABS also boasts a ripple-like pattern of wooden beams running parallel to one another. These beams cast elegant shadows upon the ground, creating dynamic artworks concomitant with the dynamic and ever-changing play of sunlight.


The two SMRT sign boards are built into the woodwork in a seamlessly neat fashion; there’s an additional board on the vertical MET structure to the extreme right which facilitates NTU advertising. The benches have been strategically designed as an adjacent extension of the vertical supporting posts; they employ stainless steel for the supporting legs and this serves the dual function of offering structural stability for the benches while at the same time complimenting the raw texture of the timber.


Overall, Framework is a sophisticated design which naturally and effortlessly complements the architectural conventions of the ABS.


CAD (Rino 3D), Keyshot Rendering



An individual submission, which gained a merit award and was amongst the top finalists, panelled by the firm of Pritzker Award winning architect Toyo Ito