The Heavenly Rest

‘The Heavenly Rest’ was created with the intention of people actually using it, even though society may not accept it. This coffin can be used as a bed, in order to allow the users’ to utilize the costly product while still living. Additionally, this cost-effective solution creates a familiar space for one to rest when they pass on. The dialogue stimulated amongst viewers of the product, involved how death and coffins are always associated with morbidity and I wanted audiences to question why people fail to see the philosophical aspect of death being part of life. 


The product was manufactured to fit a 1.8 meter tall person. The process involved cutting a large supply of wood (sourced from old furniture and leftover scraps to be more ecologically friendly), and assembling sheet plywood together to form a rigid structure.


Due to the use of the coffin-like, heavy and woody body, the outside form of ‘The Heavenly Rest’ may look morose. However, viewers are greeted with the most lavish and comfortable interior. Padded throughout with layers of foam and fabric, the product offers nothing short of comfort. Equipped with a bedside light and a small shelf for one’s nightly essentials, the boundaries have successfully been blurred between showcasing this product’s function, while also commenting on the stigmas we have against death, and why we can’t embrace it in a lighthearted way. 


CAD Rendering, Keyshot Animation, Model Making, Carpentry



One of the products in a series for my undergraduate 'Final Year Project'