Extraordinary Products Explained

by Arnold & Bert

'Extraordinary Products Explained by Arnold & Bert' is the result of countless hours spent developing products, rewriting and editing screenplays, stitching puppets, drawing aesthetically captivating backdrops, experimenting with lighting environments, film editing and exporting. Presenting a total of 10 skits or clips (each featuring a product), the film which was originally meant to accompany the full-scale concepts manufactured, morphed into a product in itself.

Inspired by Jim Henson’s early puppet works, the film’s absurdist style resonates with each product's central theme - absurdity. The video’s dramatic, and comical relief addresses issues that need to be advocated. Although ‘Arnold’ and ‘Bert’ exist as fictional puppets, their role in helping portray the message behind many of the absurd inventions cannot be undermined.

The film's unconventional and rather absurdist characters are brought to life - by using real, visible hands to control the puppets, and by breaking the fourth wall. An introductory animation, appears before every skit, in order to allow for a clear division between products. This same introductory sequence, with a different title for every skit, repeatedly appears to create a sense of coherence. 


Video Shooting, Script Writing, Film Editing, Voice Over, Sound Mixing, Lighting Design, Vector Animation



An independent puppet film, featuring concept products for my undergraduate 'Final Year Project'