6-Legged Chair

The ‘6-Legged Chair’ was designed to prevent injuries. It was conceptualized for fidgety sitters who lean and tip their chair backwards. However, in the event where one does tip too far, an extra pair of legs is able to break one’s fall. The artificial ‘human legs’ were secured to the backrest of an ordinary chair, allowing this absurd element to change the form’s appearance. Behind the veil of purely being a conversation starter, viewers are able to witness the relationship between the realistic and completely unnatural. 


In order to add to the realistically unnatural element of the chair, a pair of mannequin legs, featuring a smooth moulded finish, and skin-like coloration, provided a semi-naturalistic appeal. The chair’s two extra legs inherently don’t have the exact same texture, feel and temperature of real human legs. Steel L brackets with welded nuts, were used to bolt the mannequin legs to the plastic chair. Although the bolt head is visible on the exterior of the leg, this adds an uncanny and unrealistic quality, which is fitting to the product’s absurdity. 


The concept includes a rather grotesque property - as individual hairs were laboriously glued onto each of the chair’s legs. 


CAD Rendering, Model Making, Individual Hair Gluing



One of the products in a series for my undergraduate 'Final Year Project'