San Marco Table

The ideation of this table began whilst touring Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy, on a trip with my father. We were struck by the beauty of the cathedral's geometric flooring. Upon our return, my father and I embarked on a joint venture to create a side table that would forever be reminiscent of our holiday. 

Each wooden piece was cut individually on a Proxxon Mini cutting saw before being assembled and glued together. The geometric relief was then mounted on an Italian black onyx marble frame that we designed and had commissioned from a marble manufacturer. All measurements for manufacture were produced using orthographic projections done by myself, for accurate production.

Wood Species Used: Teak, White Oak, Redwood


CAD (Rhino 3D), Keyshot Rendering, Keyshot Animation, Film Editing, 

Model Making



Father & son joint venture

table v6.jpg