Large grocery stores can be confusing and often customers waste time searching for specific items that may be out of stock, queuing at long checkout counters, or purchasing plastic bags which are unsustainable. There is a need for an improved product/service that grocery stores should include, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of each customer's visit as well as to maximize 'straight through processing'.


Ambrosia is a concept shopping cart which aims to solve the above mentioned problems. It offers solutions by:

  1. Allowing users to scan items before putting them into their carts

  2. Holding user's bags (eliminating plastic)

  3. Including a cart-locking system if unscanned items are stolen

  4. Facilitating payment directly on the trolley itself, by using credit cards (eliminating the check-out service)

  5. Including a monitor that enhances the shoppers' grocery experience

Additionally, an interface for Ambrosia was also designed (specifically for the supermarket, 'Cold Storage') in order to aid grocery shopping. 


CAD (Rhino 3D), Keyshot Rendering, Keyshot Animations, Video Editing, 3D Printing (PLA Plastic), User-Interface Design



Individual project

'Ambrosia' animated rendering, kindly watch with sound for full dramatic effect.