Tyger Tyger, burning bright

As an individual with strong views on animal conservation, I advocate for the preservation of endangered species – specifically tigers.  After five weeks and 40 hours of laborious work (employing 2800 nails), I completed a full-scale replica of a tiger skin rug. The symbolism behind this piece was to address both the threat of tiger extinction as well as the inhuman and barbarous act of skinning a tiger and displaying it as a trophy.  I chose to create the skin out of nails for three reasons.


1. Nails achieve a fur like texture that one might see on a natural tiger.

2. The contrast between a shiny metal nail and a rusted brown-orange nail shows the juxtaposition between the tiger’s stripes and fur.

3. A nail is a sharp tool that evokes a sense of aggression through it’s piercing and physically strong qualities.


This sense of hostility is what I wanted viewers to experience upon seeing the piece.

Upon completion, I donated this installation to the WWF office in Singapore.


Gluing a shit load of nails



Individual Project